It’s Halloween! Make sure that you stop by our office to pick up “Be Seen. Be Safe.” reflective stickers for your monsters and goblins to increase their visibility on the road. Here are some safety tips for your children: -Don’t wear a mask, as it may block your child’s side (peripheral) vision -Avoid non-prescription cosmetic […]

I started making this recipe when my eldest was about 18 months. She was getting bored with pureed foods for breakfast, but I was running out of ideas. I wanted her to have a healthy breakfast that is full of vitamins, minerals and protein. So, voila… Kid and mommy approved! (This recipe is good for […]

Here at Fremont Eye Centre, we know good nutrition plays a key role in our eyes’ health. We also believe that healthy foods should taste great too! So look for recipes by JL on our blog, and get cooking!

The things I look forward to the most with fall are usually food related. The spices, the comfort food and all different types of squashes… Butternut squash is a staple at our house. It’s so easy to just roast it in the oven and there you have a delicious and healthy side dish. I ALWAYS […]

eye computer

If you are like many Canadians, computer, tablet and smartphone have become part of your daily routine. Most of the displays of these devices are powered by LED (light-emitting diode) lights which emit high energy visible blue light. Recent researches have shown that blue light can cause damage to retinal cells which may increase the […]

Facts on glaucoma: Irreversible damage to the optic nerve causing side vision loss Usually due to high eye pressure Usually no symptoms until permanent vision loss One of the leading causes of blindness Symptoms: No symptom in most cases until significant loss of side vision In cases when there is a sudden rise in eye […]